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April 12, 2005

No Place Like Home VI - Palacio

This was the only night I could go out; I was leaving the next morning for Iguazú Falls, returning to Buenos Aires on Wednesday, and Wednesday night was not a "night out" in Buenos Aires. Sunday night was the tea dance that ended at a less insane hour; Buenos Aires nightlife on Friday or Saturday often does not begin until 2 am. I was going to be miserable if I missed my chance to sample the Porteño gay zeitgeist. So I tottered off to Palacio.

For this Bar Goldilocks, Palacio was pretty close to just right. Not too empty. Not too full. Nice music. Good looking, but not impossibly good looking men. Alas, I was also sick, and inhibited by my poor Spanish. I like being able to talk to the other fellow. Not much happened except being approached by a scrawny and unappetizing escort. Gay Argentineans are unfortunately as skilled at the I-am-not-looking-at-you-even-though-I-am-looking-right-at-you-because-if-I-were-looking-at-you-I-would-have-to-commit-to-you-and-something-I-really-like-might-come-along look as gay men worldwide, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Posted by Leigh Witchel at April 12, 2005 7:01 PM

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