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May 30, 2006

Last Day in Petersburg

I need to apologize - I've had trouble writing about this trip. I'll keep trying, but simple chronology isn't working.

St. Petersburg was alternately magnificent and frustrating. It was a hard city to visit alone, especially during a city holiday. I had a similar problem in Amsterdam two years ago when I was there on Queensday; I don't like parades or crowds, and a mob celebrating in a language you don't understand can be a frustrating thing. The smartest thing I did was hire a guide (as much a guide as someone to talk to and have lunch with!) for the last two days.

Architecturally, the city is drop-dead gorgeous; the pastels of the city and the classical proportions of the low, long buildings match the light.


10:15 pm - May 29, 2006. Walking back along the Moika Embankment to the hotel from the Mariinsky in a light rain.


4:09 am - May 31, 2006. St. Isaac's Cathedral from my window at the Renaissance Baltic.

I need to pack shortly. My car to the airport was originally scheduled to leave at 2 pm. The service called last night to try and move it to noon because of horrendous traffic. I explained that was the only day I could see the Hermitage and we compromised at 1 pm for a flight leaving at 5 pm. I will have to speed through portions of the Hermitage this morning.

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