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This diary was written during the rehearsal of the 1999 concert for Dance as Ever.

I began writing the diary on Day 4 and a hard drive crash on Day 35 prevented me from finishing the diary until the Tuesday after the performances. At all other times, it was written on a daily basis, except the few days when circumstances forced otherwise. The diary was hosted, also on a daily basis, at Ballet Alert!, a web site run by Alexandra Tomalonis. I’d like to thank her for her part in its existence, which includes the original request to do it.

The diary was arguably a proto-blog written before blogs and blogging software became common. I wanted to give it a permanent home on my own website and it seemed logical to present it in blog form. This work was done November 16-19, 2005. This entry from 11/19/2005 is deliberately misdated to place it first. The dates of the entries are correct, the times of the entries are not known, so are set to just after midnight. I have corrected some grammar and punctuation and also inserted some hyperlinks to make use of the medium, but the content has not been altered from the original. It seems strange to leave comments open on journal entries more than six years old, but as an experiment and in case people have something they wish to ask or add, I'll leave the comments open for the time being. UPDATE 1/12/06: Feedback turned off.

I dislike being a Grinch, but I found out by happenstance that this diary was being used as teaching material without my permission or knowledge. I understand the impulse, but I'd like to emphasize that I do not relinquish any rights to this original material by placing it on this blog. If you wish to use these writings for a purpose other than personal use (reading and the printing of a single copy), please contact me for permission and/or licensing.