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Day 18 – 27 days until performance

The day was taken up with other tasks, so not much new choreography was made today. Instead, photos were taken, and the ballets were shown informally. My job as a choreographer is mostly over with regard to Scherzo, at this point, I take off my choreographer hat and put on my ballet master hat. On the other hand, Armature is . . . skeletal. Morgan is in today and I start choreographing the missing sections for her, but she’s running on half speed and three hours of sleep so I’ll do the bulk of her material on Monday. The only other major change I make is to change the direction in which the final section of the ballet is moving. Yesterday after the polonaise, I made a solo for Mary, then one for Adriana, and also one for Abraham. I don’t like it when I watch it, because it’s as if the insistence upon structure that has led up to this point went out the window for a vaudeville turn. I want the final section to be about structure, not personality where everyone flits in for 32 counts to show off their best steps, then rushes off. I change Adriana’s solo to a duet for her and Frances, which Morgan joins to make a trio. It rights the balance of the work