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Day 9 (First day of rehearsal with Chuck) - Before rehearsal

These are the notes on my scratch pad after I listen to the score (Hugo Wolf’s Italian Serenade) a final time.

0:00 Opening rush in and first theme
1:10 Development (minor key)
1:45 Excited pas de chats.
2:30 Opening theme repeats
3:00 Much thicker texture
3:30 Hesitation
3:53 We’re hunting wabbits
4:47 Slight change in the theme – skipping.
5:25 Heading to the end in a spiral.
5:40 Repeat of opening theme, transformed slightly to exit music.

A shiver and a rush off.
There’s really more or less one emotional note.
Romeo with Rosalind.
What does one do while waiting?
How does one feel when one is in love with love?