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After rehearsal

More and more time is taken up on errands, with Mary and I running to Capezio to pick up shoes, tights, rosin and other sundries for the performance after rehearsal.

I head to the theater after rehearsal where Jeff is loading in, and Matt is constructing the sets. There isn’t all that much for me to do there except check in. Matt’s set for Scherzo looks ominously small, the sculpture of picture frames (“I was possessed by the spirit of Louise Nevelson.”) takes up too little of the stage area, and reminds me more of the Stonehenge sculpture from Spinal Tap. The Armature set has the same problem of scale, the ropes he uses are too thin, and don’t read from the audience. Matt knows all this already and asks me for more money to buy rope. I try to remember that Matt’s process tends to be absolutely last minute.

Jeff and I go to the impound lot on the Hudson River to release his car at 11 p.m., after having been towed, and I return home to find my hard drive has in all likelihood crashed. I avoid the issue by going out to see Shasta perform at midnight. The current Time Out has been delivered to newsstands, and I go to look at it. Gia Kourlas’ article is about 3 times the length I thought it would be and about as flattering as it could have been if I hadn’t written it myself (perhaps more so.) I float all the way to Barracuda to watch Shasta lip synch Madonna.