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Day 39 - Third performance

I don’t believe in detailed notes or rehearsals before a performance, the dancers’ brains are overloaded already. I deal with Horizon by putting on the music and simply telling them to walk through it and watch each other, then we go upstairs to prepare. The ballet is videotaped tonight and we have our largest audience, where I have to ask a few of my friends to give up seats so that a reviewer can have a clear view of the stage. Many dear friends are in the audience, and I’m pleased that the dancers give the all around best performance of the run. Morgan comes into focus tonight, her past two performances were diffuse, but she gives delicate and beautiful performances tonight, and on Sunday as well. Chuck gives a strong, accurate performance of Aubade, and Horizon again looks properly rehearsed. My only regret was that Armature peaked the previous night, and while it was performed well on Saturday, there was a certain magic to it on Friday evening. Still, it is precisely that evanescent magic, the indefinable tension and energy among the dancers that never quite makes it to video. When I look at the tapes of the two evenings, my guess is that they will look exactly alike.