Money for Clicking, Searching or Reading Email

You don't get much for any of these, but nothing is involved except being paid to read ads.  Do something else while these load; hit the shift key to open them in another browser or use tabbed browsing, and turn the sound off as well. Sign up for any offers from a subsidiary email (I suggest making one just for this purpose) in case of Spam.

Name Referral link - please use and throw me a few bones! Value per click or email Cash out level
Hits 4 Pay 0.02 $25 
Hits4Pay is a paid advertising service.  The emails are 99.99% useless, but I've gotten three $25 payments by Paypal from them so what the heck.  The site is inconsistent in the flow of ads; they can slow to a trickle for several weeks and at other times have over 15 daily.
Deals 'n Cash 0.01 $30 
Dealsncash is a sister to Hits4Pay, and almost identical except in the payout and initial bonus.  Join both, and click when you're doing something else (and with the sound off!)
0.001 to .02 $10 (less a $3 check fee)

A pay-to-read advertising site that provides a lot of ads, but in a labor-intensive way.  To foil automated programs, the site forces you to keep the window with the ad on top. It can provide the highest monthly earnings, but I usually open it on a second computer.
Inbox Dollars 0.02 $30 (less a $3 check fee)
Inbox Dollars is a mixed site offering pair-to-click emails as well as shopping and surveys.  I didn't pay much attention to Inbox Dollars for a while, but I have found that between the emails and the surveys, it adds up and is worth it.  I've gotten two payments, one of $100, the second of $75. 
Mypoints Would you write me so that I can refer you?
0.035 about 1400 points for $10 Gift Certificate
You get 5 points for clicking most emails.  They will often send 3-4 daily so it does add up over time. Clicking here brings me about $50 in value yearly - I generally redeem for Amazon gift certificates, and I've gotten at least $500 worth of various gift certificates.

CreationsRewards $5
CreationsRewards periodically offers daily clicks, with a value of between .02-.03 per day. Since the payout ratio for small and large rewards is the same, I cash out the moment I reach minimum payout; payment is prompt.
Memolink offers emails worth 6 points each and a "site of the day"  worth 3 points.  Bear in mind it would take you about 2-3 years to earn $10 through daily clicks alone - however, see my comments in the shopping section. The servoce has improved and payment is prompt.
Cashcrate .03 $20
Cashcrate lets you "check in" daily for .03, and if you check in every day in a month, there is a .50 bonus.
E-Miles E-Miles offers pay per click ads that can be redeemed for miles in a few airline or hotel loyalty programs. Choose carefully; you can only change the program by canceling your account and re-enrolling. I would enroll in your weakest mile program as activity to prevent expiration - or in US Airways, which has run a "Grand Slam" promotion the past two years where partner activity such as this got bonus miles. 5 points 500 points can be traded for miles, points or Amazon Gift Certificates
Swagbucks "Swagbucks" 450 Swagbucks = $5 Amazon Gift Card
There are a few pay-to-search programs out there. Mypoints and Inboxdollars also have pay-to-search functions, both made by the same company under different branding along with American Airlines and US Air. With those, you are paid a small amount (up to .05 daily, or a few miles) every time you search.  With Swagbucks, your payoff is a variable amount of "Swagbucks" on random searches, usually no more than 2-3 times daily. 450 "Swagbucks" will net you a $5 Amazon Giftcard. I still use Google for any important search (better results, fewer ads) but it's nice to get the giftcards, and it doesn't take that long.

The Mypoints search function earns points for a fixed monthly amount of searches (31 gets you 75 points) so I use it for exactly that amount. I don't use the airline branded search engines except when they are running a partner promotion - US Air made using their toolbar an easy way to get a "hit" in their Grand Slam partner promotion.

Page last updated April 24, 2012.