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The Points Guy One of the newer points and miles blogs, with an emphasis on credit card signups and loyalty programs.
Loyalty Lobby Either I'm traveling more or getting older. At this point I value getting a slightly better experience for the money rather than rebates or free flights. Along with The Points Guy, Loyalty Lobby discusses the ins and outs of maximizing loyalty programs.
Flyertalk Flyertalk was where I cut my teeth on the mileage/travel game.  The S.P.A.M. forum is the place to look for rebates and cash deals.
Ev'reward A very useful resource for checking cash-back ratios. Sales and promotions happen quickly and don't always get updated, so do your own checking as well.
Nerdwallet Use in conjection with Ev'reward; Nerdwallet has better coverage of cashback and points ratios for credit card shopping portals.
Free Frequent Flyer Miles - Gary Steiger's website is where I learned a lot of what I know.

Page last updated June 2, 2012.